Safe Choice water filters, when only the best will do.

Superior Service, Superior Products.

The Safe Choice twin under sink water filters are super compact and have the latest technology available from the United States. They offer many advantages over conventional, inferior systems. Some examples of this are NSF certification (highest quality materials are used which are BPA free). Flow regulation through the heads which gives the water more contact time with the filter medias. Self sanitising on replacement of the filters. Being so compact they fit anywhere and on any angle under your sink. Also the disposable filter housings ensures that they will not crack, split, leak or become brittle over time due to pressure.

The filters will remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, sediment, taste, colour and odour. 99.99% of the bacteria Giardia and Cryptosporidium, 99.99% of lead and toxic heavy metals. All plumbing fittings (highest quality John Guest speedfit), 5 micron CAG pre filter, 1 micron solid carbon block filter & deluxe ceramic disc lead free faucet supplied. The filter cartridges last 12 months or 7500 litres ( 20 litres per day )


Twenty Seven years experience in water filtration systems

$420 fully installed (standard install)

Call  DAVID JOHNSON  0439 340 393

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